How to Redeem Amway eCoupon?

Hey BodyKey-ians, we noticed most of you are unsure on how to use your product eCoupon that you received for Day 21 reward. We would like to provide the steps below with the terms and conditions for your further action.

Please be reminded that all accounts will be deactivated, and you are no longer able to access this website with your account from 5 Dec 2022, 12.00AM, onwards and if you did not claim your rewards, all rewards will be forfeited. Any appeal will not be entertained.

Terms and conditions:

1.The Amway eCoupon (worth RM50) can be used to purchase any Amway products.

2. PV/BV will not be affected and will remain the same as per the purchased item.

3. The Amway eCoupon is transferrable to other ABO/APC within the same LOS.

4. The Amway eCoupon must be utilized before 31 Dec 2022 (11.59pm).

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