Good day, BodyKey-ians!

Today is the final episodes of Max, Lily and Hani story….! We hoped everyone enjoy the story and have a happy life just like Max and Lily.

Stress is a hormonal response from the body. It’s a normal thing for everyone but the important thing is you have to know how to control your stress!

Do you have your own way to release your stress?You know, listening to your favourite song also can be one of stress releasing way! Share us your best tips for you to destress so everyone can learn as well.

Also don’t forget to claim your rewards after completing the challenge post. If you miss it, don’t worry, go to your user’s page and check on the bottom of progress tracking, you can see the “Claim your reward” button to redeem your reward there. Check your e-mail after redeem for your voucher link, including spam/junk mail

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